Estroboscópio compacto LED – NS-600

estroboscópio compacto em LED, modelo NS-600  com ajuste do tempo de Flash

led strobeThe NS-600 LED stroboscope is designed to measure the speed of a rotating object or one that is cycling in a linear repetitive pattern ….. without contact or reflective tape. When the flash rate and rpm rate are identical, the target will appear frozen” visually. If the flash rate it adjusted slightly, the target would be put into slow motion for detailed motion analysis, observation or trouble-shooting.The NS-600 features a rugged cast-Aluminum housing, the latest LED technology and compact size making it a perfect choice for use anywhere on the factory floor. The NS-600 is ideal for speed, motion and vibration analysis, such as rotating shafts, fans, cams, etc.NS-600 automatically adjusts flash duration for ultra high speed and features a user-selectable flash duration for those applications where the user wants to optimize either the image “sharpness” or increase the “brightness” to the highest levels.

estroboscópio NS-600

  • Características

 High efficiency LED solid-state light source – never needs replacement
 Highly stable drift free operation
 Push button operation with x2 and ÷2 buttons for quick adjustment
 Uses two AA-Batteries providing continuous operation of 8 hours
 Auto wide measuring range – up to 120,000 fpm/rpm
 Store up to 10 flash rates in memory for recall or quick re-tests
 Easy-to-read 5 digit 0.47″ (12 mm) high LCD


  •  Ranges
Range Resolution
6.0 to 9999.9 fpm/rpm ±0.1 fpm/rpm
10000 to 120000 fpm/rpm ±1 fpm/rpm (over 100,000 display flashes)
.20 ~ 999.00 Hz 0.01 Hz
1000.0 ~ 2000.0 Hz 0.1 Hz


  •  Especificações
Selectable Units fpm or Hz
Accuracy ±0.01%, ±1 LSD
Display 12mm high, 5digit LCD
Power 2- AA batteries
Operating Temp 0 to 45° C
Weight .5 lb/225 g


  • Dimensions



  • Kit Completo

The NS-600 LED stroboscope is supplied as a complete kit including the strobe, 2 AA batteries, instruction manual and calibration cert in a fitted carrying case. Complete kit

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