Rugosímetro – TR-110

Rugosímetro TR-110

Teste de Rugosidade de Superfícies – portátil – TR-110

Portable surface roughness tester for determining surface texture, combining measurement of roughness parameters Ra and Rz in one instrument.The compact portable TR-110 roughness tester is designed for fast and precise measurement. It employs a piezoelectric microsensor technique which is identical to that of high-precision laboratory roughness testers. The outstanding features of the TR-110 include user-friendly operation and a high repeating accuracy.Simply press a button and within seconds, a microsensor in the form of a diamond stylus scans the surface. Depending on the pre-set cut-off length, the digital display shows either the roughness parameter Rz or Ra (see also DIN 4762, 4768, 4775, ISO 4288.)The TR-110 roughness tester can determine both parameters (Ra and Rz) in one surface scan. An integrated sleeve can be slid over the sensor tip in order to protect the TR-110™ during periods of non-use. In addition to this, an automatic 1.5 minute switch-off function protects the lithium-ion battery against unnecessary discharge.
  • Roughness Parameters
Ra = arithmetical mean roughness value
Ra, signifying the roughness parameter, is a value that is recognised and used internationally. It denotes the arithmetical mean value of the absolute values of the profile deviations within the sample area. The numerical value of Ra is always smaller than the Rz reading derived from the same sample.Rz = mean roughness depth (peak to valley)
Rz denotes the mean roughness depth, i.e. the arithmetical mean of the highest single measurements of several single adjacent tracing sections.
  •   Features
 Pocket-sized model
 Li-ion rechargeable battery
 Protection slide on pick-up
 Sound signal start-test-ready
 Software calibration
 Piëzo-electric pick-up stylus for external surfaces
 LCD with back-light
 Dynamic test display: progress of cut-off length during testing
 Auto-off after 90 seconds
 Both Ra and Rz parameters in one instrument
 Large measuring range suitable for most materials



  •   Complete Kit
The TR-110 Surface Roughness Tester is delivered as a complete kit including:

  • TR-110 Roughness Tester
  • Protection cover for tracer
  • Roughness test plate Ra
  • Soft bag
  • Charger
  • Carrying case
  • Manual
  • Certificate

Optional accessories:

  • Steel hardcoated roughness test plates
  •   Specifications
Roughness parameter Ra, Rz
Units µm / µinch
Measuring range Ra: 0.05-15.0µm / Rz: 0.1-50µm
Cut-off lengths 0.25mm, 0.8mm, 2.5mm
Filter 2CR
Functions Dynamic display during testing, sound signal start-test-ready, auto-off 90 seconds, back-light LCD
Calibration By CAL function
Min. curvature of cylindrical surface 40mm diameter (V-grooved base)
Tracing length 6mm
Tracing speed 1.0mm/sec
Accuracy Conforms to ISO Class 3
Pick-up stylus Piëzo-electric
Tracer tip Diamond, radius 5µm
Operating temperature 0°C – 40°C
Power 3.6 V / Li-ion batteries / low battery indication
Charger 6V DC
Dimensions 110mm x 70mm x 24mm
Weight 200gr

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