Tensiômetro para Fitas e Fios


Tape & Band Tension Sensor
5 Tension Ranges
0-100 g up to 0-2000 g 

Dual-flanged, cylindrical rollers are ball bearing mounted to provide a friction-free path for tapes, bands and narrow webs/warps up to 30mm wide. Tension Sensors are offered with roller width of 7, 10, 15, 20 and 30mm.


Roller shells are available in aluminum, chrome-plated and plastic
Frequency response of 100 Hz
Precision strain gauge sensing for highest accuracy and repeatability
Optional 5ft. connecting cable
0-1 V DC output, proportional to tension (0-10 V DC optional)
Surface mount electronics provide long-term reliability

Tension Ranges

Model Ranges
TE-100-YY 0-100 g 40 mm
TE-200-YY 0-200 g 40 mm
TE-500-YY 0-500 g 40 mm
TE-1K-YY 0-1000 g 40 mm
TE-2K-YY 0-2000 g 100 mm

Related Products

Tension Indicator
bluedot User-set High & Low Alarm Limits with relays

bluedot TD provides regulated +5 V DC for SR sensors

bluedot 4-20 mA and 0-10 VDC analog output for recording and control purpose



Accuracy ± 1.5% FS or better
Sensor Excitation 12 – 18 VDC, 21mA
Middle Roller Deflection 0.5 mm (maximum)
Sensor Output 0-1 V DC (standard)
0-10 V DC (optional)
proportional to tension
Overload Rating 150% FS
Housing Material Aluminum
Maximum Linear Speed 1000 m/min (Standard)
3000 m/min (K)
3000 m/min (k) (optional)
Roller Diameter (Root) 13 mm
Roller Material Al (standard)
Chromed-Plated Steel (ST) (optional)
Plastic (PL) (optional)
Frequency Response 100 Hz
Operating Temperature 5 – 40° C



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