Teste de Resistência da Emenda Splice


The Yarn splice tester is able to capture the highest force peaks. With variable display update rate and superior accuracy, these gauges feature unique 180 degree flip displays, permitting the user to read the display right-side up. Additional enhancements are; dual direction keypad, variable baud rate for SPC applications, selectable force direction indication, and selectable power on/off settings.

Designed to ergonomically fit in the palm of your hand; the rugged all metal construction permits accurate measurement and display of compression and tension forces up to 100 pounds.

Features Benefits
1000 Hz update rate Ability to capture the highest compression/tension force
Highly accurate (+/- 0.2% f.s.) Ideal of for strict tolerances
Peak measurement Captured with a single push button
Reversible keypad Easy to read upside down or right side up when stand mounted
Variable display rate Slow display update rate for operator ease
Overload capacity: 200% F.S. High overload protection leads to fewer repairs
Heavy duty load sensor Designed for over 1 million operations
Variable units of measure (Oz., lbs., Kg, N) One button selection
Rugged die-cast aluminum construction Exceptional durability, production floor capable
Measures and records compression and tension tests True “push-pull” tests are permitted
Dual power capable Rechargeable battery or AC line voltage
Selectable, automatic on/off ability Prolongs battery life , provides 24/7 testing with no off time when powered by AC
Low battery indicator Provides warning to complete tests when on battery power
One year warranty Provides peace of mind, (Optional: NIST certs with data)




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