Tacômetro Digital 3 em 1


Tacômetro Multi-função – para medir velocidade e comprimento

O modelo YSL-2000HD combina as funções de 3 diferentes instrumentos em apenas 1 único e de fácil operação !

It accurately measures the speed and length of yarns, and other filaments using a unique “wrapper” roller. This precision roller directs the filament onto the low-inertia, U-grooved measuring wheel to maximize contact and eliminate filament slip and breakage.

The YSL-2000HD can also be used as either a contact or non-contact tachometer to measure rotational speeds of shafts, motors, pulleys, etc. or linear speeds of moving surfaces such as conveyor belts, webs of paper or fabric, etc.



Slide-on measuring heads make it simple to rapidly convert from one function to another
Accuracy of ± 0.02%
Built-in memory for last, maximum, minimum values
NIST-Traceable Certification Included
Garantia de 5 anos

Galeria de Fotos


Unidades de Medição, selecionáveis pelo usuário

velocidade Linear
Comprimento Revoluções
pés/min rpm
metros/min metros
polegadas/min polegadas

Kit Completo

The YSL unit, two slide-on measuring heads (tachometer and yarn speed), cone tip, universal surface speed wheel with integrated funnel tip adapter, reflective tape, two AA batteries and operating instructions, all supplied in a foam-fitted, hard-plastic carrying case.




Measuring Ranges
RPM Non-Contact: 1.00 – 99,999 rpm
Contact: 1.00 – 19,999 rpm
Surface Speed 0.30 – 6,500 feet/min
0.10 – 1,999 meters/min
4.0 – 78,000 inches/min
Length 0.01 – 99,999 feet
0.02 – 99,999 meters
1.0 – 99,999 inches
Resolution .01 from 0 – 100
.1 from 100 – 1,000
1 from 1000 – 99,999
Yarn/Wire Diameter (max.) Yarn: 1mm Wire: 0.3mm
Accuracy ± 0.02% of reading or 1 digit
Display 5 – Digit LCD, 10mm high
Decimal Point Automatic
Memory System Maximum, minimum, and last reading (retained in memory for the life of the batteries)
Measurement System Non-Contact: Visible LED light beam
Contact: Contact adapter
Sensing Distance Up to 14 inches (350mm)
Display Update Time 0.5 seconds or one measuring
Auto Power Off After 30 seconds of non-use (minimum, maximum and last reading retained in memory)
Battery Life 20 hours continuous use
Weight 6 ounces (170 grams)
Housing Material ABS Plastic
Operating Temperature 32 to 122º F (0 to 50º C)
Storage Temperature -4 to 150º F (-20 to 70º C)
Optional Accessories Shaft extension, 3.15 inches (80 mm)
Warranty 5 years

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